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Looking forward to 2019


Once again it is time for my thoughts and wishes for our Municipality. I would especially like to thank you for your confidence in the next 4 years! 

It has been a trying time as far as the struggle with the Water Filtration Plant, but we are looking forward to a better more reliable system with the new program that was added late in the year. We welcomed our new Water Technician, fresh from college, Jessica Nilsson. We will be having an Open House on Saturday at the Water Filtration Plant, May 9th from 10-2pm! Please drop by and see just how complex it is and I'm sure you will leave with an understanding of how it works and a greater sense of confidence in your water system! It is yours. Hope to see you there!

Next, we have had a change in the Administration after the Elections. After 17 years we have a new Director General, Lisa Dagenais. Lisa comes with municipal experience, and is working tirelessly to make the transition an easy one! Many have already come in and met her, and I would like to thank you for your kindness. We now have the taxation Program in our office, which will save the cost of hiring someone to do the tax bills, and quicker updates. There have been some glitches in transferring files, and late updates, so please be patient as we work on it. 

We welcomed 3 councillors, one elected and 2 were acclaimed. We will have the pleasure of meeting you during our upcoming Family Day, June 9th, details to come in May! Save the date!

You may have noticed our new LED Lights, I am sorry for the length of time in getting them started, (but Council felt it was better to wait and do the change than pay twice, once for repair and once for the change!) By the end of the year all lights should be LED and will be another saving for the town! This project was undertaken by our Councillor on lights, Jacques Guérette with help of his co-worker Gerry Manwell and the Geomatics Dept. of the MRC. I would personally take this opportunity to commend Jacques for this huge undertaking. He spent many hours on this project!

We renewed the Snow plowing and Garbage contract for another 3 years, with Kevin Murphy and Sons. We are lucky to have someone available in the town, at a great saving once again! 

I would like to discuss the Gas Tax or TECQ Program. We have $427,000 allocated to certain projects on our water lines, and lights. (I should mention here that a study was done and we were given a set of priorities to choose from.) This is a Government Grant made available through the tax on gasoline. The process has started and must be completed by December, 2018. The municipality must cover $37,000 of this, which has been done over the last 3 years. We are hoping this Grant is available for another 4 year term! And no, unfortunately it can't be applied to the debt! The last few years our budget has been relatively balanced, however we still carry the debt from the year of the mandated drilling for the Water Plant by the Government. 

Finally, the restructuring of the tax billing; our Grants for the Water Plant finally started coming last year, so we have a more clear picture of the actual cost. We know how much will come from both the Quebec and Federal Governments. That being said, the ones using the water system will see a rise in their rates. Those paying just the Infrastructure portion (non-users) will see their tax bill lowered. That being said, water is no longer included in the Mill Rate which has dropped from $1.22 down to $0.95. As a result, the reimbursed credits for both Recycling and Garbage have been lowered. We feel although the budget is tight, we will revisit the services in detail over the summer. 

My door always was and still is open; unfortunately my phone mail box fills as quickly as it is emptied. I try to return calls as soon as I can, 

Lynne Cameron

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